Cummerbund Package


Our Cummerbund Package includes everything in the Cufflink Package plus we apply a Poly Seal. The sealant provides a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements, helping to eliminate dust, streaks, and haze. Price range is based on the size of the vehicle and the condition.

  • Complete Hand Wash, clay surface and Dried with Chamois
  • Light Bug Removal
  • Wheels and Wheel Wells Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Vacuum and Air Purge Interior
  • Clean Dash, Steering Column, Cup Holder Area and Dressing of Interior
  • Clean All Windows and Mirrors
  • Wipe Down Door Jambs
  • Poly seal up to 6 months of protection

Starting at $195 cars $225 small SUVs/trucks $270 Large SUVs $300 Mini vans (2-4.5hrs)

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